Subject Overview

  • Part I -- THE ORIGIN OF ALL THINGS (Lessons 1-8)

    • Creation and testing of free moral agents
    • All about the Bible and how to interpret Scripture
    • Reality of God, Satan, angels, demons, and other spiritual beings
    • Rebellion and overthrow of the Pre-Adamite world
    • The story of re-creation and the second habitation of the earth

    • The Ante-diluvian Age -- its two dispensations
    • God's plan for the needs of man and why it is not realized
    • The Post-diluvian Age -- its four dispensations
    • Giants before and after the flood of Noah
    • Divine healing and Divine health -- Asking and receiving
    • The times of the Gentiles -- eight world empires
    • Law and Grace and the Old Testament Church

    Part III -- GOD'S PRESENT DEALINGS WITH MAN (Lessons 19-36)
    • The New Testament Program for the modern church
    • Jesus Christ -- the Holy Spirit and gifts -- seven baptisms
    • The Christian's power of attorney -- Christian rights
    • A study of the Divine Trinity and the New Testament Church
    • Bible covenants, parables, kingdom of heaven, kingdom of God
    • Sin, salvation, sanctification, justification, other redemptive studies
    • How to attain to the needs of this life

    Part IV -- GOD'S FUTURE DEALINGS WITH MAN (Lessons 37-52)
    • Where are the dead? -- Immortality, seven judgments, hell
    • Heaven and the resurrections, rapture, and the second advent
    • Daniel expounded -- 110 prophetic future earthly wonders
    • The great tribulation, and all about the Antichrist
    • Revelation expounded -- things after the Church Age
    • Two witnesses, sun-clothed woman, manchild, beast, false prophet, Dragon
    • Exposition of Mt. 24-25, the ten virgins, end of this age
    • Two future world empires and the beast with seven heads and ten horns
    • Armageddon, the Millennium, and the new heavens and new earth
    • The bride of Christ, and life in eternity to come