Author's introduction to the "Annotated Bibliography"

The following sources reflect those known to have been used and cited by Finis J. Dake in his many writings.

While it is understood that Dake would have read many writers of his day, this list is only concerned with those which can be cited and referenced in the Dake writings. The editions Dake used would have in some cases been much older than those reflected here.

The fact that Dake used these resources in no way implies that Dake's theology was consistent with the authors, nor does it imply that he borrowed from their work. While there is sufficient evidence available to show a connection either in word or thought, Dake freely departed from these writers when the subject warranted. When gleaning from these writers Dake usually added significantly to the subject, often making corrections or deletions from the author's thought. With this in mind, the record shows that Dake was a scholar beyond compare, well read, and open to all truth and light as confirmed by God's Holy Word.

This book can prove most beneficial in that it will allow the user to build a significant library of scholarly resources that are compatible with a literal inerpretation of the Scriptures. Users of the Dake's Annotated Reference Bible will be able to carry their study even further by reading from the very same pages that Dake read from, while writing and formulating his many thousands of notes. It is my prayer that these sources and references will aid you in the study of God's Word.

May God bless.

Leon Bible
March, 1999